Sorin provides genuine equipment for its valued customers by directly contacting the manufacturers through Sorin offices in United States, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong and UAE.

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We, Petro Tamin Sorin, strive to make a small contribution in our nation’s development and achievement by participating in the business and creating small projects in the energy Industry. Relying on the experience of our executives in different fields of petrochemical and refining industry, “Petro Tamin Sorin” is known as a procurement consultant, which intends to carry on the business negotiation on behalf of all local clients.

We are committed to enforce the environmental laws and policies, and we always consider human dignity as the core of interactions within and outside our organization.


Mini LNG plants

Natural gas has high yields due to the fact that it is the most efficient fossil fuel and produces less greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels do and will play an important role in securing the future energy of the world.

During the past three decades, it has been proved that the most efficient way to transport natural gas, where pipelines cannot be built, is in the form of liquefied natural gas.

Today, LNG supply chain has been expanded to the extent that it competes with pipelines even in markets used to be dominated by pipeline supplies. The industry will enhance the security of energy supply in national consumption, while reduces the geopolitical constraints of approaching the global gas market. Mini LNG plants are used to serve remote and small gas consumers who do not have access to natural gas pipelines. Given the vast gas resources available in Iran, Petro Tamin Sorin is planning to construct a Mini LNG unit with a capacity of less than 500 tonnes per day

Equipment and Material Procurement

In the world of trading, import and export business needs high level of expertise. Employing a technical and commercial approach, Petro Tamin Sorin is aiming to provide equipment, materials and industrial supplies demanded in various areas including petrochemical and refinery industry, industrial equipment manufacturers, etc. The company strives to deliver the most efficient technical and commercial offers to its customers.

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